Look Book Alive Studios is a company built by experienced audio-visual professionals. Our expertise in fashion and commercial photography and video lead us to develop a new marketing and communication concept that will allow you to visualize every catalogue directly on your computer and any mobile devices. We provide every content, both photography and videoHD catalogues, so any customer around the world can view your catalogue using any device: web, smartphone, tablet, and so…

We provide photography and fullHD videos recorded during the same shooting and ready to run in web or any mobile device, which will allow the customer to appreciate with an incredible image quality (cinema quality) and every detail of the products, garment, the way it suits, any characteristics that can not be shown with an image but are important for the customer to appreciate.

We believe customers will appreciate the possibility of having direct access using their phones to all their favorite products and watch them in high quality videos. The future is right there…… using this video catalogues your sales online will be increased by incredible percentages.

Different, dynamic, interactive.

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